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The Human Factor in Flight Search: Give Scott a Chance

Let’s face it, when it comes to searching for cheap flights even the smartest human on the planet can’t compete with the less advanced technology. That is why all major flight search companies talk about data science, AI, chatbots, apps, unique proprietary technologies, and so on in order to better sell their product.

But it’s not all like that. In this cold, rational world, the humanizing approach of Scott and his “mysterious techniques” is reassuring and has already convinced over half a million “cheap flight aficionados from around the world”. Tell him which area you are interested in monitoring and Scott will send you an email every time he finds a deal. Just like a good friend or a travel agent of the past.

The Frustration of Being a Local Guide for Google

You may already be aware that Google keeps track of your location if GPS is enabled on your mobile device. Well, this becomes even more creepy if you decide to join the Local Guides program to contribute to Maps.

In addition to annoying push notifications that will make your phone ring whenever you go to the gym or to get food, every once in a while you will receive precise email instructions like these:

How to create photo tours in your favorite stores

Do you want to support small businesses? Take photos inside local stores and share them on Google Maps. Try to shoot them in daylight and help others discover new products to buy.

Your photo tour at the store:

– When you enter a store, take a panoramic photo to show what’s inside
– Publish photos of shelves full of products
– Add close-ups of your favorite items

Share your photos on social media with #LocalGuides and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Connect to find out where the global community is buying. Do you have a question? Something to share?

Actually, yes. Why are you trying to mock Foursquare with almost ten years of delay? Meanwhile, UGC has lost its charm and we all became more cynical. But above all, why don’t you use a small fraction of your tax-free profits to pay real photographers? You have much to gain both in terms of credibility and quality.

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Digital Travelers: Just Who Are They Anyway?

If you are a data junky like us, you will certainly appreciate the fresh Global Digital Traveler Research 2017 by Travelport, based on interviews with 11,000 travelers from 19 countries worldwide. Here’s a snapshot of the key findings.

Travelport's Global Digital Traveler Research
Key Findings of the Global Digital Traveler Research – Infographic by Travelport

Taking a closer look, we were particularly impressed with the following results:

– 60% said they would be lost without their smartphone, but 43% would switch off all devices (so, at least 3% is already lost and where are the moderates here?)
– 68% of Indonesian travelers book their trip on a mobile device (jeez, really?)
– 63% of senior travelers (those over 55) “know exactly what they want” when researching a trip (the wisdom of age… yeah sure, but how sad is that?)

Anyway, the report also includes a list of the most digitally-dependent countries and the top ten are not exactly the ones you would expect. In fact, the ranking looks like this: 1) India, 2) China, 3) Indonesia, 4) Brazil, 5) Saudi Arabia, 6) Mexico, 7) South Africa, 8) United Arab Emirates, 9) Colombia, 10) Italy.

To find out more, download Travelport’s Global Digital Traveler Research.

Discovery TRVLR: Travel the World from Your Seat

Want to travel the world without leaving home? Here’s your chance (kinda). Google has partnered with Discovery VR to launch Discovery TRVLR, a 38-episode immersive series which promises to take you “in every corner of the globe across all seven continents”, starting from Auckland, New Zealand.

How can you go wrong here, at least as a tourist? There’s no doubt you’ll save precious time and money compared to a real life, pre-packaged tour.

Find all episodes of Discovery TRVLR on YouTube or the Discovery VR app. They can be comfortably experienced in VR with the new Google Daydream View headset as well as with Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift.