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The KLM Care Tag: Sweet Remedies for Extreme Evils

Dutch airline KLM treats tourists who fly to Amsterdam as dumb children… and they are probably right. The following video looks like a spoof trailer for a new Black Mirror episode but is actually meant to introduce the KLM Care Tag.

Far from being a joke, this GPS tracker with a maternal spirit was designed to help solve the problem of overtourism in the Dutch capital by inviting tourists to visit less crowded places, as well as helping them to cross the street. In short, sweet remedies for extreme evils. The Care Tag won’t make Amsterdam more livable, but it’s at least an interesting attempt to start tackling a growing issue.

The Hammer that Turned Out to Be a Boomerang

Apple imagines and builds a sad, predictable world where all apps do more or less the same things. The difference is only a matter of price. For example, you look for a customizable GPS tracker and they assume that you want to monitor your amazing sports performance, keep an eye on your employees, or look for your lost phone. Unlike Android, you are trapped in an immutable ecosystem.

Why one would ever want to freely access their app files, easily disable location tracking, or connect a wired headset? BTW, did you know that to perform many tasks you still have to use the crappy iTunes software? As in a historical nemesis, Apple’s fans today are the brainwashed viewers. So, who throws the hammer?

The Frustration of Being a Local Guide for Google

You may already be aware that Google keeps track of your location if GPS is enabled on your mobile device. Well, this becomes even more creepy if you decide to join the Local Guides program to contribute to Maps.

In addition to annoying push notifications that will make your phone ring whenever you go to the gym or to get food, every once in a while you will receive precise email instructions like these:

How to create photo tours in your favorite stores

Do you want to support small businesses? Take photos inside local stores and share them on Google Maps. Try to shoot them in daylight and help others discover new products to buy.

Your photo tour at the store:

– When you enter a store, take a panoramic photo to show what’s inside
– Publish photos of shelves full of products
– Add close-ups of your favorite items

Share your photos on social media with #LocalGuides and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Connect to find out where the global community is buying. Do you have a question? Something to share?

Actually, yes. Why are you trying to mock Foursquare with almost ten years of delay? Meanwhile, UGC has lost its charm and we all became more cynical. But above all, why don’t you use a small fraction of your tax-free profits to pay real photographers? You have much to gain both in terms of credibility and quality.

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