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Airbnb Trips and the Netflixization of Travel

Airbnb Trips

The travel industry seems to move in a straight line, driven by commercial needs and, supposedly, the desire to meet the wishes of the users. It’s in this context that… Read More

Special Interest Tourism: Pleased to Be Niche

Special Interest Tourism

While the purpose of a generic trip is often to visit new and pleasant places with a strong natural or cultural appeal, Special Interest Tourism allows us to focus on… Read More

Travel Industry Trends Q1 2016

Directions & Trends: The Travel Industry in Q1 2016

The first quarter of 2016 proved to be quite interesting, with movements that could mark the direction of the travel industry for the years to come. First of, let’s follow… Read More

Define Your Perfect Travel Destination

travel inspiration

Any trip plan worthy of the name, should start with a simple question: where should I go? And sometimes, especially at peak season: should I stay or should I go?… Read More

Budget Your Trip Like a Pro Traveler

trip budget

Once defined your traveling wishlist, you may wonder what it costs to go there and therefore how much you should save for your next trip. We do not mean that… Read More

Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

cheap flights

Even though flights are surely not the most eco friendly mean of transport, in many cases they still represent the wiser way to reach our destination. They also weight on… Read More