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US Coast to Coast: The Westward Adventure

US Coast to Coast: Seattle's Space Needle at Sunset

Americans come to Europe to admire the ruins of the past, in search of an ephemeral beauty that fits common aesthetic canons. Personally, I am much more interested now in what will be… Read More

Special Interest Tourism: Pleased to Be Niche

Special Interest Tourism

While the purpose of a generic trip is often to visit new and pleasant places with a strong natural or cultural appeal, Special Interest Tourism allows us to focus on… Read More

Travel Industry Trends Q1 2016

Directions & Trends: The Travel Industry in Q1 2016

The first quarter of 2016 proved to be quite interesting, with movements that could mark the direction of the travel industry for the years to come. First of, let’s follow… Read More

Define Your Perfect Travel Destination

travel inspiration

Any trip plan worthy of the name, should start with a simple question: where should I go? And sometimes, especially at peak season: should I stay or should I go?… Read More