World’s Best Alternative Travel Destinations

Justraveling has developed world’s first Alternative Travel Index to help identify the “most travelable” countries for those who avoid mass tourism and prefer to embrace original and more sustainable forms of travel.

Alternative Travel Destinations

To be listed here, a country needs to ensure a good level of security and sanitation, to excel in terms of convenience and basic infrastructure, and to be interesting from the naturalistic and cultural point of view. Click on each country name to access the corresponding travel guide. To learn more about how the Alternative Travel Index is calculated, please refer to this detail page.

Top 20 Alternative Travel Destinations

Rank Country Rank Country Rank Country
1 Spain 8 Switzerland 15 Hungary
2 Japan 9 Germany 16 Italy
3 Canada 10 Austria 17 Iceland
4 Australia 11 Sweden 18 Slovakia
5 Finland 12 Denmark 19 Bulgaria
6 Portugal 13 Czech Republic 20 Belgium
7 France 14 Norway  

Top 20 Most Underrated Travel Destinations Includes the countries that get the highest score in proportion to the number of tourists they receive annually

Rank Country Rank Country Rank Country
1 Japan 8 Norway 15 Czech Republic
2 Finland 9 Slovenia 16 Romania
3 Australia 10 Spain 17 Lithuania
4 Iceland 11 Denmark 18 Serbia
5 Portugal 12 Mongolia 19 Latvia
6 Canada 13 New Zealand 20 Bulgaria
7 Switzerland 14 Slovakia  

Top 10 Eco/Active Travel

Rank Country
1 Australia
2 Canada
3 Finland
4 Switzerland
5 Denmark
6 Iceland
7 New Zealand
8 Sweden
9 Norway
10 Slovenia

Top 10 Cultural Travel

Rank Country
1 Spain
2 Japan
3 Portugal
4 France
5 Czech Republic
6 Austria
7 Belgium
8 Germany
9 Hungary
10 Bulgaria

Below you can see the world’s best alternative travel destinations on a map (dark gray ones). Just click on them to get all the relevant information, including travel costs, best time to go, places to visit, vacation ideas, and things to do.

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