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Global Nomadism: Tourism as a Lifestyle?

Global Nomadism

With Global Nomadism (aka Digital Nomadism or Neo-Nomadism), travel takes a central role in the lives of its protagonists, becoming a key tool of liberation and identity research, as well… Read More

Virtual Tourism Is Set to Become Reality

Virtual Tourism Is Set to Become Reality

The word travel comes from travail, that according to the Cambridge Dictionary means “an unpleasant experience or situation, especially one that involves a lot of hard work or effort”. Well,… Read More

Anti-Tourism and the Quest for Alternatives

Anti-Tourism Graffiti

While preparing the content materials and studying about the alternative forms of tourism, we bounched into a few blogs and articles mentioning or supporting the so called “Anti-Tourism”. We’d like… Read More

Post-Tourism: Traveling Without the Hassle


In the field of Alternative Tourism, Post-Tourism is quite possibly the most controversial concept. Failing to find an entirely satisfactory definition, we decided to modestly suggest our own, in order… Read More

Alternative Travel: Let’s Try to Define It

alternative travel

Contemporary Alternative Travel emerged as a concept in the early 70s, in reaction to the negative economic, environmental, and social effects of mass tourism, accused of being unsustainable, inauthentic, and… Read More