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The Berlin Travel Festival: People, Places, and Memories

During the official celebrations of tourist nonsense, a new 3-day event will debut in Berlin trying to promote a more forward-thinking vision. The Berlin Travel Festival seems the perfect chance to get ready for the spring travel season.

Berlin Travel Festival 2018
Berlin Travel Festival, March 9-11, 2018, Arena Berlin – Photo Courtesy: BTF

People, places, and memories. This is what travel is about. And with this in mind, we are creating a new kind of travel festival. It will be one part pop-up store for curious travelers. Another part trade fair for the travel world. A wunderkammer of sorts filled with unexpected treasures.

Divided into five areas – Ocean Life, Culture Journeys, Weekenders, Outdoor Escapes, and The Nest – the festival aims to offer thought-provoking concepts, destinations, experiences, and perspectives. Save the date: March 9-11, 2018.

L’Alternativa: 24th Barcelona Independent Film Festival

This year again we will take part in l’Alternativa, an Independent Film Festival held in Barcelona, Spain (or is it the self-proclaimed Republic of Catalonia?). A whole week to enjoy the screening of more than 200 movies from around the world and engage in various activities, including debates and workshops.

Cinema is a reflection of our society and helps us to ponder the crises that we live in. Based on this idea, most of the movies selected for the 24th edition of Barcelona’s Independent Film Festival deal with topics such as human rights, personal freedom, and overcoming borders. Save the date: Nov 13-19, 2017.