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#IY2017: The Year of Sustainable Tourism

#IY2017: The Year of Sustainable Tourism

UNWTO International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development was officially launched last week during FITUR 2017 in Madrid and will be followed by 12 months of global actions aimed at… Read More

Airbnb Trips and the Netflixization of Travel

Airbnb Trips

The travel industry seems to move in a straight line, driven by commercial needs and, supposedly, the desire to meet the wishes of the users. It’s in this context that… Read More

Global Nomadism: Tourism as a Lifestyle?

Global Nomadism

With Global Nomadism (aka Digital Nomadism or Neo-Nomadism), travel takes a central role in the lives of its protagonists, becoming a key tool of liberation and identity research, as well… Read More

Virtual Tourism Is Set to Become Reality

Virtual Tourism Is Set to Become Reality

The word travel comes from travail, that according to the Cambridge Dictionary means “an unpleasant experience or situation, especially one that involves a lot of hard work or effort”. Well,… Read More

Travel Industry Trends Q1 2016

Directions & Trends: The Travel Industry in Q1 2016

The first quarter of 2016 proved to be quite interesting, with movements that could mark the direction of the travel industry for the years to come. First of, let’s follow… Read More