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Interactive Map: United Colors of Tourism

United Colors of Tourism - National Brand Colors and Tourism Slogans Worldwide

United Colors of Tourism is the first interactive map showing brand colors and marketing slogans of national tourist boards from around the world. Simply hover your mouse on the different countries to… Read More

The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!

Wonderful Copenhagen Declares the End of Tourism as We Know It

Can an official tourism organization bid farewell to the era of tourism? It seems so as Wonderful Copenhagen did just that, announcing its strategy towards 2020 and beyond. Localhood for… Read More

#IY2017: The Year of Sustainable Tourism

#IY2017: The Year of Sustainable Tourism

UNWTO International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development was officially launched last week during FITUR 2017 in Madrid and will be followed by 12 months of global actions aimed at… Read More

Augmenting the Real World with Detour

Walking in the Streets of Barcelona with Detour

If travel is broken, Airbnb Trips is unlikely to “fix it”. Yet the analysis they do on their blog is largely agreeable. Certainly “travel has been replaced by tourism” and… Read More

Airbnb Trips and the Netflixization of Travel

Airbnb Trips

The travel industry seems to move in a straight line, driven by commercial needs and, supposedly, the desire to meet the wishes of the users. It’s in this context that… Read More

Special Interest Tourism: Pleased to Be Niche

Special Interest Tourism

While the purpose of a generic trip is often to visit new and pleasant places with a strong natural or cultural appeal, Special Interest Tourism allows us to focus on… Read More