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Playtime: Mass Tourism and the Big Screen

Playtime by Jacques Tati

Next week, from 14th to 20th, I will be in Barcelona to participate in the 23rd edition of l’Alternativa Independent Film Festival, which this year dedicates an entire section to… Read More

Empathy and Time Travel in Hungary

abandoned hungary tokaj

With this post, I’ll share some thoughts arising from my last trip in Eastern Europe. Outside major cities, I almost always felt I was the only westerner in town (which… Read More

Migrants Are the True Voyagers of Our Time


Since the beginning of 2015, Europe is facing an unprecedented migrant and refugee crisis and most of its governments are doing everything in their power to protect people from these… Read More

My Ten Cents on Solo Travel

Solo Travel

I started to embrace solo travel a little more than ten years ago, primarily intrigued by the stories of colleagues and close friends. Coming from a non-traveling family, this decision… Read More

Why Writing About Travel?

writing about travel

When deciding to embark on this editorial project, we simply thought that writing about travel and tourism is ultimately a good chance to reflect on today’s Western society, and that… Read More