The Most Pet Friendly Travel Destinations

There’s no doubt that the relationship with our pets is very special, honest and natural, being based on unconditional love and mutual support. So, why give up this source of joy when traveling?

most pet friendly destinations

According to, 32% of dog owners take their pets with them if they travel for two or more nights, which means that the majority leave their beloved ones at home, relying on friends and family to look after them. Honestly, we’re not surprised. Passports, health certificates, immigration forms, surcharges, restrictions, etc. make traveling with a pet very complicated.

To simplify the life of dog owners, in particular, we’ve compiled a list of the most pet friendly destinations. The countries listed below are rabies-free, and boast the largest share of dog friendly hotels, cottages, and apartments. This was calculated using our index scores, BringFido‘s information, and public datasets.

It’s not a life saver, but we hope you’ll find it useful. Apparently, you have to start planning a trip to Europe in order to safely and comfortably travel with Fido…

#1 Finland

pet friendly finland
3 places to visit: Helsinki, the vibrant capital, which combines innovative design with a strong natural presence; Finnish Lakeland, dominated by drumlins and long sinuous eskers; the Kvarken Archipelago, that consists of 6.550 islands.

2 things to do: go camping in the Finnish Archipelago, to dive into its beautiful nature; book a lighthouse on an isolated island, to relax and enjoy the seaview.

There are more than 130 pet friendly hotels in Finland.
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#2 Switzerland

pet friendly switzerland
3 places to visit: Lavaux, a terraced wine-growing region that stretches along Lake Geneva; Lower Engadine, an alpine paradise with a peculiar landscape; Lake Lucerne, with its complicated shape and fascinating villages.

2 things to do: head to the Top of Europe, the highest-altitude construction in the entire continent (free transportation for dogs on many routes); take a scenic train, such as the Glacier Express and the Gornergrat Cogwheel Railway.

There are more than 560 pet friendly hotels in Switzerland.
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#3 Germany

pet friendly germany
3 places to visit: Berlin, a metropolis of diversity, with plenty of pet friendly parks, shops, and restaurants; Harz National Park, a nature reserve that’s part of the Natura 2000 Network; Dresden, known worldwide for its historic landmarks.

2 things to do: enjoy one of the many dog friendly beaches on the Baltic coast; walk along the Upper Palatinate and Bavarian Forest on the Goldsteig Trail.

There are more than 2,100 pet friendly hotels in Germany.
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#4 France

pet friendly france
3 places to visit: Nantes, french greenest city; the Luberon National Park, one of the best walkings in Provence; la Camargue, Western Europe’s largest river delta.

2 things to do: hike the GR 20, a long distance trail that crosses Corsica from north to south (180 km); take a dog walk along the beautiful Canal du Midi, which connects the Garonne River to the Mediterranean Sea.

There are more than 2,700 pet friendly hotels in France.
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#5 Sweden

pet friendly sweden
3 places to visit: Stockholm, famous for its beauty and the amazing archipelago; Kullaberg, a nature reserve in Scania, that is home to a micro-nation (Ladonia); Jönköping, also known as the “Jerusalem of Sweden” or “The Pearl of the Lake”.

2 things to do: cross the country from north to south on the legendary King’s Trail; get inspired by nature and go fishing with your dog in Bergslagen.

There are more than 280 pet friendly hotels in Sweden.
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#6 Spain

pet friendly spain
3 places to visit: Antequera (Andalusia), with an extensive archaeological and architectural heritage; Picos de Europa, a mountains range near the northern coast; A Coruña, one of the most walkable cities in Spain.

2 things to do: go camping in Lagos de Somiedo to experience rural tourism; stay at Paradores, a chain of exclusive accommodations where pets are welcome.

There are more than 400 pet friendly hotels in Spain.
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#7 Norway

pet friendly norway
3 places to visit: Oslo, a large city in close contact with the nature surrounding it; Ålesund, with a compact Art Nouveau city centre surrounded by water; Lofoten, a group of islands with picturesque fishing villages nestled in fjords.

2 things to do: organize a dog walking holiday in Oppland’s valleys; enjoy the great outdoors in Trøndelag, which is also an interesting culinary region.

There are more than 150 pet friendly hotels in Norway.
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#8 Belgium

pet friendly belgium
3 places to visit: Brussels, the unofficial capital of the Art Nouveau, with over 80 museums and many important cultural sites; Ghent, an amazing city of history; the Ardennes, one of the wildest regions in this part of Europe.

2 things to do: discover Belgium’s folklore at its many local festivals and events; indulge in the pleasures of beer tasting, visiting beautiful abbeys and brasseries.

There are more than 160 pet friendly hotels in Belgium.
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#9 Czech Republic

pet friendly czech republic
3 places to visit: Prague, famous for its unique medieval architecture; the Bohemian Paradise, a protected landscape area which is ideal for excursions and ecotourism; Telč, a very well preserved Renaissance town in southern Moravia.

2 things to do: hike in the Karlštejn Region, to walk through centuries of history; enjoy the country’s cultural heritage, made of ancient traditions and events.

There are more than 190 pet friendly hotels in the Czech Republic.
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#10 Austria

pet friendly austria
3 places to visit: Vienna, an important cultural centre rich in monuments, and parks; Salzburg, internationally renowned for its baroque architecture (and Mozart); Neusiedler See, the only steppe national park in Central Europe.

2 things to do: retrace the journey of St. James in the lesser known Austrian section of the Camino de Santiago; be enchanted by the Danube river.

There are more than 370 pet friendly hotels in Austria.
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