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Periphany: An Ode to Peripheral Tourism

Periphany: An Ode to Peripheral Tourism

For most people, the travel experience has become more and more artificial and elusive even when sold as “authentic” and “off the beaten track”. Verbal tricks to camouflage… Read More

Creative Tourism and the Search of Identity

Creative Tourism Can Help Revitalize the City

In a recent public discussion, Antonio Muñoz of the Seville City Hall made an interesting comment about the increasing difficulty in attracting new tourists: “now we have to go out… Read More

Alternative Travel: Let’s Try to Define It

alternative travel

Contemporary Alternative Travel emerged as a concept in the early 70s, in reaction to the negative economic, environmental, and social effects of mass tourism, accused of being unsustainable, inauthentic, and… Read More

Why Writing About Travel?

writing about travel

When deciding to embark on this editorial project, we simply thought that writing about travel and tourism is ultimately a good chance to reflect on today’s Western society, and that… Read More

The Alternative Travel MANIFESTO

alternative travel manifesto

This is not an indisputable set of rules, and we won’t ask for discipline. It’s just that promoting responsible alternatives to mass tourism became our mission, and we got a… Read More