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Street Art and Murals in Tokyo’s Tennozu Isle

Street Art and Murals in Tokyo's Tennozu Isle

With a city the size of Tokyo, it’s easy to get carried away and overwhelmed when looking at the map. There are so many cool, exciting neighborhoods interlocking in what seems like… Read More

My Madrid Walking Tour on Sidewalk Guide

My Madrid Walking Tour on Sidewalk Guide

Since last week, my Madrid walking tour “New Culture in Old Madrid: From Goya to Street Art” is available on Sidewalk Guide. So, if you are traveling or living in the Spanish capital… Read More

Wandering Through Miami’s Art Districts

Miami’s Art Scene: Graffiti & Street Art

There are numerous forms of alternative travel, one of which is focused on art and culture. We have tackled this in depth through our “Cultural and Educational Travel” page, where… Read More

Special Interest Tourism: Pleased to Be Niche

Special Interest Tourism

While the purpose of a generic trip is often to visit new and pleasant places with a strong natural or cultural appeal, Special Interest Tourism allows us to focus on… Read More