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Mr. Thomas Cook and the Impolite Visiting

Thomas Cook and the Impolite Visiting

The story of Thomas Cook, “the holiday maker“, is closely linked to the spread of mass tourism and unfortunately shows how even the most enlightened ideas can have dangerous unintended… Read More

Empathy and Time Travel in Hungary

abandoned hungary tokaj

With this post, I’ll share some thoughts arising from my last trip in Eastern Europe. Outside major cities, I almost always felt I was the only westerner in town (which… Read More

Bye Bye Tourists (You Won’t Be Missed)

Nature vs Mass Tourism in Thailand

Just a few days ago Thailand decided to close Koh Tachai island, in the Andaman Sea, due to excessive tourism. The problem was that this fairytale island should hold up… Read More

Migrants Are the True Voyagers of Our Time


Since the beginning of 2015, Europe is facing an unprecedented migrant and refugee crisis and most of its governments are doing everything in their power to protect people from these… Read More

Anti-Tourism and the Quest for Alternatives

Anti-Tourism Graffiti

While preparing the content materials and studying about the alternative forms of tourism, we bounched into a few blogs and articles mentioning or supporting the so called “Anti-Tourism”. We’d like… Read More