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Travel for a Cause: Volunteer Abroad (Part 2)

Travel for a Cause: Volunteer Abroad Pt. 2

To conclude our brief survey, we present other engaging opportunities to volunteer abroad in the second ten most underrated travel destinations. Please also take a look at the first half… Read More

Travel for a Cause: Volunteer Abroad (Part 1)

Travel for a Cause: Volunteer Abroad Pt. 1

Reviewing the Top 20 Most Underrated Travel Destinations, we wondered how we could explore them with a purpose or for a cause. Taking time off to volunteer abroad is always… Read More

Voluntourism: Volunteer Travel Abroad

volunteer travel

Is traveling an act of selfishness? Well, no matter its environmental and socio-economic impact, in the end it’s supposed to satisfy our personal desires. So, what about traveling for a… Read More

Alternative Travel: Let’s Try to Define It

alternative travel

Contemporary Alternative Travel emerged as a concept in the early 70s, in reaction to the negative economic, environmental, and social effects of mass tourism, accused of being unsustainable, inauthentic, and… Read More