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Womanscape: Putting Equality on the Map

Womanscape: Women Deserve Greater Representation Within Cities

The new breed of feminism spot some light on key issues such as sexual violence and gender discrimination in the workplace. On the other hand, the complex coexistence of male… Read More

(re)Wandering in Milan: Botanik Dreamin’

(re)Wandering in Milan: Botanik Dreamin'

From a late 17th century noble villa located in the dreary outskirts of Milan to a botanical museum of dubious existence. The most surreal of all city walks runs along a 4-lane road hovering… Read More

(re)Wandering in Madrid: Panoramix Trail

(re)Wandering in Madrid: Panoramix Trail

Let the pretty royal landscape inspire painters and artists. You are here for that unexpected view over the concrete jungle. But are you willing to get intoxicated by the decadent charm of poor… Read More

A ‘Radical’ Approach to Urban Exploration

A Radical Approach to Urban Exploration

Ridiculed by conventional city sightseeing and a “tourtainment” made of fake experiences, real urban exploration can still thrive at the individual level with a good dose of creativity and technology.… Read More

(re)Wandering: Urban Exploration Gets Real

(re)Wandering: Get a Real Urban Experience

Space and reality are among the main victims of the Western lifestyle. In their daily life, most people cross streets and squares with the sole purpose of reaching their destination… Read More

(re)Wandering in Milan: Sonic Rambling #2

(re)Wandering in Milan: Sonic Rambling #2

Traffic and crowds can be super stressful while wandering through the center of Milan on a busy day of shopping. Not if you turn them into “surreal harmonies” though. Besides, the Public Gardens are… Read More