(re)Wandering in Milan: Sonic Rambling #2

This can be seen as an attempt to recover the reality of space and the pleasure of real exploration in the urban context where most of us actually live or travel to. It belongs to a series of personal immersions that are explained and listed here. You can download the GPS track and its tags/waypoints from Google Maps.

Sonic Rambling #2, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Distance: 4.1 km – Total climb: 38 m – Total descent: 37 m – Duration: 0:53 hrs

Traffic and crowds can be super stressful while wandering through the center of Milan on a busy day of shopping. Not if you turn them into “surreal harmonies” though. Besides, the Public Gardens are a safe haven, just in case you need one.

Tagged: Relax (2), Happy (2), Super Hearing (2).

Tags/waypoints suggest the best matching Augment app‘s filters to control the ambient sound. This, like all the other trails, is more enjoyable in good weather and daylight.

GPS track and waypoints recorded with Trails and OSMTracker.