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Creative Tourism and the Search of Identity

Creative Tourism Can Help Revitalize the City

In a recent public discussion, Antonio Muñoz of the Seville City Hall made an interesting comment about the increasing difficulty in attracting new tourists: “now we have to go out… Read More

Travel for a Cause: Volunteer Abroad (Part 2)

Travel for a Cause: Volunteer Abroad Pt. 2

To conclude our brief survey, we present other engaging opportunities to volunteer abroad in the second ten most underrated travel destinations. Please also take a look at the first half… Read More

Travel for a Cause: Volunteer Abroad (Part 1)

Travel for a Cause: Volunteer Abroad Pt. 1

Reviewing the Top 20 Most Underrated Travel Destinations, we wondered how we could explore them with a purpose or for a cause. Taking time off to volunteer abroad is always… Read More

Sustainable Tourism in Europe’s Nature

Sustainable Tourism in Europe's Nature

Our list of the Top 10 Eco Destinations largely relies on UNESCO’s World Heritage natural sites and the metrics provided by Yale’s EPI. Restricting the gaze to Europe, however, it… Read More

Global Nomadism: Tourism as a Lifestyle?

Global Nomadism

With Global Nomadism (aka Digital Nomadism or Neo-Nomadism), travel takes a central role in the lives of its protagonists, becoming a key tool of liberation and identity research, as well… Read More