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NYC Art and Culture Scene (Summer 2017)

NYC Art and Culture Scene Summer 2017

Summertime with its sun, joy & inspiration gets us in touch with nature which is a form of art in itself. Luckily there is a whole slew of events in… Read More

NYC Art and Culture Scene in Apr-May 2017

NYC Art and Culture Scene Spring 2017

It’s springtime and everything is starting to bloom and boom in New York City. And with it, there is an explosion of art events around the city. Public art installations,… Read More

Creative Tourism and the Search of Identity

Creative Tourism Can Help Revitalize the City

In a recent public discussion, Antonio Muñoz of the Seville City Hall made an interesting comment about the increasing difficulty in attracting new tourists: “now we have to go out… Read More

Augmenting the Real World with Detour

Walking in the Streets of Barcelona with Detour

If travel is broken, Airbnb Trips is unlikely to “fix it”. Yet the analysis they do on their blog is largely agreeable. Certainly “travel has been replaced by tourism” and… Read More

Empathy and Time Travel in Hungary

abandoned hungary tokaj

With this post, I’ll share some thoughts arising from my last trip in Eastern Europe. Outside major cities, I almost always felt I was the only westerner in town (which… Read More