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Sustainable Tourism in Europe’s Nature

Sustainable Tourism in Europe's Nature

Our list of the Top 10 Eco Destinations largely relies on UNESCO’s World Heritage natural sites and the metrics provided by Yale’s EPI. Restricting the gaze to Europe, however, it… Read More

Natural Wonders: Top 10 Eco Destinations

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Through our Alternative Travel Index, we spot the best destinations for Ecotourism and Active Travel. These countries are blessed with abundant natural wonders, but also strive to preserve them for… Read More

10 Ecotourism Tips for the Green Traveler

10 Ecotourism Tips for the Green Traveler

Traveling to a natural area does not automatically make you an eco tourist. A correct practice of ecotourism requires some more steps and an authentic sensitivity to environmental issues. So,… Read More

World’s Best Alternative Travel Destinations

World’s Best Alternative Travel Destinations

Justraveling has developed world’s first Alternative Travel Index to help identify the “most travelable” countries for those who avoid mass tourism and prefer to embrace original and more sustainable forms… Read More

The Alternative Travel Index Explained

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The Alternative Travel Index uses a wide range of data from prominent international organizations and institutions, to identify the World’s Best Alternative Travel Destinations, with a specific focus on Ecotourism,… Read More