Serbia Travel Guide

Alternative Travel Index Rank: #45

Serbia is also the 18th Most Underrated Travel Destination
Excels in health & hygiene and environment protection
Population and tourists density at peak season: 82 (medium)

  • View of Belgrade, Serbia's Capital

Located in the Balkans, Serbia was a founding member of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and during the 1990s it was involved in the last major conflict that bloodied Europe. The country has various attractive places still to be rediscovered, from the plains of Vojvodina, which in winter remind of the scenes from Dr. Zhivago, to mountains, lakes, and ski resorts of great beauty.

Travel Costs

Serbia ranks #78/141 for price competitiveness in Justraveling’s Alternative Travel Index. Average travel costs per day: $44 (backpacker) – $101 (mid-range). Cheapest Serbian cities: Novi Sad, Leskovac. Most expensive: Belgrade, Nis.

Best Time to Go

Jun-Sep is the best time to go to Serbia, with clear skies, fewer rains, and a drier climate. Serbia is not a mass tourism destination, so it never gets too crowded.

Places to Visit

Belgrade, Serbia’s capital and largest city, is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. The city boasts numerous historical monuments, and hosts important cultural events.

Subotica, located in the very north of Serbia, is a multicultural city with a unique and vibrant culture. It’s well known for its great examples of Hungarian architecture, and a lively festival scene. The popular Palić Lake stands nearby.

Dotted with ancient monasteries and wineries, Fruška Gora is the “jewel of Serbia”, due to its lovely nature landscape. It combines orchards and vineyards with tight forests on its vast plains and offers some 500 km of hiking trails.

Kopaonik National Park, in Central Serbia, has a rich historical heritage, with several important archaeological sites and UNESCO listed monasteries. A major ski resort in winter, the park is also an idyllic spot for summer walking holidays.

Travel Ideas and Things to Do

Hike in the Djerdap National Park, the Iron Gates of the Danube, that lies between Serbia and Romania. Walking through the well-maintained trails of this impressive gorge will let you discover its unique natural and cultural heritage.

Take a scenic ride on the Šargan 8, a narrow gauge railway operating from Mokra Gora to Šargan. Whether by train or by foot, the Zlatibor mountainous region is definitely worth a visit, to experience the traditional rural life of its villages, and to explore the natural beauty of the Tara National Park.

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Sources: some text excerpts from Wikitravel & Wikipedia; travel cost data from Numbeo.