Hiking Trails & Walking Routes in Slovakia

We’ve selected five of the best hiking trails and walking routes in Slovakia, using Wikiloc‘s GPS data to provide the most accurate trail maps.

They are all short-distance loop trails with an acceptable difficulty level, which makes them suitable for short breaks and day hikes, and for any kind of hiker or walker. You can download these GPS trails and waypoints from Google Maps.

Bystrá Lávka, near Štrbské Pleso (Prešovský)

Distance: 14 km – Uphill: 981 m – Downhill: 981 m – Time: 5:30/6:50 hrs

Štrbské Pleso with its large glacial mountain lake is a favorite ski and health resort in the High Tatras. It is a starting point for a host of popular hikes.

Hernád – Klásorisko – Kysel, near Hrabušice (Košice)

Distance: 14 km – Uphill: 635 m – Downhill: 633 m – Time: 4:50/5:50 hrs

The Hernád Canyon is a natural gem of the Slovak Paradise National Park, well-known for its gorges and waterfalls, that offer some pretty unusual hiking routes.

Strážov Mountains, near Zliechov (Nitriansky)

Distance: 12 km – Uphill: 939 m – Downhill: 939 m – Time: 4:40/5:40 hrs

The Strážov Mountains are a mountain range in north-western Slovakia. It’s a protected landscape area with many thermal springs and renowned spa centers.

Tlstá Mountain, near Blatnica (Žilinský)

Distance: 11 km – Uphill: 896 m – Downhill: 896 m – Time: 4:40/5:40 hrs

This “fat” mountain, located over the Turiec Valley, is part of the Greater Fatra Range and boasts well-preserved forests, rare plants, and many karst caves.

Tisové Skaly, near Harmónia (Bratislavský)

Distance: 11 km – Uphill: 742 m – Downhill: 742 m – Time: 4:20/5:10 hrs

The Little Carpathians are a low mountain range located in the outskirts of Bratislava. The area is rich in flora and fauna and contains numerous castles.

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Sources: some text excerpts from Wikipedia; GPS data from Wikiloc.