Hiking Trails & Walking Routes in Denmark

We’ve selected five of the best hiking trails and walking routes in Denmark, using Wikiloc‘s GPS data to provide the most accurate trail maps.

They are all short-distance loop trails with an acceptable difficulty level, which makes them suitable for short breaks and day hikes, and for any kind of hiker or walker. You can download these GPS trails and waypoints from Google Maps.

The Rold Forest (Rold Skov), near Rebild (North Denmark)

Distance: 13 km – Uphill: 1617 m – Downhill: 1617 m – Time: 6:20/7:50 hrs

The Rold Forest (Himmerland) comprises several distinct areas and woodlands in a very hilly terrain, giving rise to a number of springs, streams, and lakes.

Nørreskov Forest, near Brundlund (South Denmark)

Distance: 14 km – Uphill: 528 m – Downhill: 528 m – Time: 4:40/5:40 hrs

Once a royal hunting ground, Nørreskov is now one of Denmark’s longest coastal forests, particularly loved by hikers, mountain bikers, and runners.

Hald Sø Lake, near Hald Ege (Viborg)

Distance: 16 km – Uphill: 179 m – Downhill: 192 m – Time: 4:20/5:20 hrs

Hald Sø is Denmark’s third deepest lake, formed when glaciers from Norway and Østersøegnene met during the last ice age. It’s a protected area since 1942.

Kilen, near Struer (Midtjylland)

Distance: 13 km – Uphill: 153 m – Downhill: 207 m – Time: 3:30/4:10 hrs

The central-western part of Jutland has everything that a nature lover can ask for. This trail runs along the perimeter of a lake close to the small Venø island.

Mols Bjerge National Park, near Agri (Central Jutland)

Distance: 12 km – Uphill: 180 m – Downhill: 180 m – Time: 3:10/3:50 hrs

Mols Bjerge is a Danish national park of more than 180 sq km with a rugged and varied landscape. Organizing an excursion through its forests, marshes, pastures and meadows will bring you into contact with wild animals and amazing plants.

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Sources: some text excerpts from Wikipedia; GPS data from Wikiloc.