Hiking Trails & Walking Routes in Bulgaria

We’ve selected five of the best hiking trails and walking routes in Bulgaria, using Wikiloc‘s GPS data to provide the most accurate trail maps.

They are all short-distance loop trails with an acceptable difficulty level, which makes them suitable for short breaks and day hikes, and for any kind of hiker or walker. You can download these GPS trails and waypoints from Google Maps.

Malyovitsa (Rila Mountains), near Dospey Makhala (Sofia Province)

Distance: 14 km – Uphill: 1051 m – Downhill: 1051 m – Time: 5:40/6:50 hrs

Malyovitsa is a popular ski resort in the north-western Rila Mountains, the highest mountain range of Bulgaria and of the Balkans. It is 2,729 m high.

Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park, near Metkovets (Vratsa Province)

Distance: 15 km – Uphill: 565 m – Downhill: 565 m – Time: 4:40/5:40 hrs

Located in the westernmost area of the Balkans, Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park offers a unique landscape consisting of varied forests, more than 500 caves and chasms, rare rock formations, plus beautiful waterfalls and natural whirlpools.

Sivyak River Valley, near Charkovo (Gabrovo Province)

Distance: 11 km – Uphill: 868 m – Downhill: 856 m – Time: 4:30/5:30 hrs

This trail winds through an area of high historical and biological value, which boasts a rich diversity of flora and fauna and numerous cultural heritage sites.

Stone Quarry & Rock Monastery, near Lozevo (Shumen Province)

Distance: 11 km – Uphill: 442 m – Downhill: 449 m – Time: 3:40/4:30 hrs

This culturally interesting route touches two very different and almost unknown historical landmarks: Tsar Simeon’s stone quarry and the Rock Monastery of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, constructed by Hesychasm monks and hermits.

Frakto Virgin Forest, near Kolibi Kaurchan (Smolyan Province)

Distance: 12 km – Uphill: 423 m – Downhill: 455 m – Time: 3:40/4:20 hrs

Frakto is the only virgin forest in Bulgaria and one of the most important of its kind in Europe. Located near the Greek-Bulgarian border, it houses giant secular trees (50 m high), more than 100 species of birds, and the endangered wild goat.

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Sources: some text excerpts from Wikipedia; GPS data from Wikiloc.