Interactive Map: United Colors of Tourism

United Colors of Tourism is the first interactive map showing brand colors and marketing slogans of national tourist boards from around the world. Simply hover your mouse on the different countries to see their slogans or taglines and click on them to visit their official tourism websites (when available). Those marked in gray are virtually out of the tourist map.

United Colors of Tourism Palette
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In terms of national brand colors, we considered the dominant or accent color of the brand identity of each national tourism organization. In their marketing efforts, the NTOs cover almost the entire chromatic spectrum, from total black (Iceland and New Zealand) to water leaf green (Lithuania) and laser lemon yellow (Burkina Faso), with a clear predominance of primary colors.

If at first glance the map may seem reddish due to the covered surface, actually the by country count puts blue in first place (27%), followed by red (25%), green (21%), orange (12%), and yellow (10%). At the continental level, blue prevails in Africa and Asia, red in Europe, and green in the Americas and Oceania.

To communicate trust and wisdom (blue), energy and passion (red), or freshness and harmony (green), many countries set aside their national colors, sometimes venturing into true chromatic hazards, as in the case of Finland, that is famous for its green areas, has a blue cross flag, but opts for a warmer crusta orange.

When it comes to tourism slogans, it’s not surprising that they primarily invite to “discover”, “feel”, “experience”, and “live”. The most common terms used are: heart, land/home, nature/natural, journey, inspiring/inspired, life, happiness, beauty/beautiful, amazing, endless, magical, wonder, original, and timeless.

Some of our favorites include Home of All Right (Jamaica), Powered by Nature (Norway), Best Enjoyed Slowly (Latvia), World Friendly (Argentina), Much Mor (Morocco), Arrive and Revive (Austria), and I Feel Slovenia (Slovenia).

Please find below the full list of information displayed on the interactive map.

National Brand Colors and Tourism Slogans in Africa

Country Color Official Website Tourism Slogan
Algeria The Heart Trip
Botswana   botswanatourism none
Burkina Faso Crossroads of Discoveries
Burundi   n/a Heart of Africa
Cameroon All of Africa in One Country
Chad none
Djibouti   visitdjibouti none
Egypt Where It All Begins
Ethiopia Land of Origins
Gambia   visitthegambia The Smiling Coast of Africa
Ghana Culture, Warmth, Rhythm
Guinea Bissau none
Kenya   magicalkenya Magical Kenya
Lesotho   visitlesotho The Kingdom in the Sky
Madagascar   mg-tourisme Treasure Island
Malawi   visitmalawi The Warm Heart of Africa
Morocco   muchmorocco Much Mor
Mozambique   visitmozambique Come to Where It All Started
Namibia   namibiatourism Endless Horizons
Nigeria   n/a Fascinating Nigeria
Rwanda   rwandatourism Remarkable Rwanda
Senegal   tourisme.gouv none
South Africa Inspiring New Ways
Swaziland   thekingdomofswz A Royal Experience
Tanzania   tanzaniatourism The Soul of Africa
Togo   togo-tourisme none
Tunisia   tourismtunisia Inspiring Tunisia
Uganda   visituganda You’re Welcome
Zambia   zambiatourism Let’s Explore
Zimbabwe   zimbabwetourism A World of Wonders

National Brand Colors and Tourism Slogans in the Americas

Country Color Official Website Tourism Slogan
Argentina World Friendly
Bahamas It’s Better in the Bahamas
Belize   travelbelize Is Closer Than You Think
Bolivia   n/a te espera
Brazil   visitbrasil Sensational!
Canada Keep Exploring
Chile Open Nature
Colombia Magical Realism
Costa Rica   visitcostarica Essential Costa Rica
Cuba   autenticacuba Auténtica Cuba
Dominican Republic   godominicanrep Has It All
Ecuador All You Need Is Ecuador
El Salvador Impressive!
Falkland Islands   falklandislands Where Nature Is Still in Charge
Guatemala   visitguatemala Heart of the Mayan World
Guyana   guyana-tourism South America Undiscovered
Haiti   experiencehaiti …Experience It!
Honduras We Are All About You
Jamaica   visitjamaica Home of All Right
Mexico   visitmexico Live It to Believe It
Nicaragua   visitnicaragua Unica… Original!
Panama   visitpanama none
Paraguay You Have to Feel It!
Peru   visitperu Land of Hidden Treasures
Puerto Rico   seepuertorico none
Suriname   surinametourism A Colorful Experience…
Exotic Beyond Words
Trinidad and Tobago   gotrinidadtobago The True Caribbean
United States of America   thebrandusa All Within Your Reach
Uruguay   turismo.gub Uruguay Natural
Venezuela   mintur.gob …es para quererla!

National Brand Colors and Tourism Slogans in Asia

Country Color Official Website Tourism Slogan
Afghanistan   afghan-tours none
Armenia   amtouristboard none
Bangladesh   visitbangladesh Life Happens Here
Bhutan Happiness Is a Place
Brunei   bruneitourism The Green Heart of Borneo
Cambodia   tourismcambodia Kingdom of Wonder
China Like Never Before
East Timor   visiteasttimor none
Georgia   exploregeorgia Georgia on My Mind
India   incredibleindia Incredible India
Indonesia Wonderful Indonesia
Iran none
Israel Land of Creation
Japan Endless Discovery
Jordan   visitjordan none
Kazakhstan   visitkazakhstan none
Kyrgyzstan   discoverkgz So Much to Discover
Laos   tourismlaos Simply Beautiful
Lebanon   livelovelebanon Live Love Lebanon
Malaysia Truly Asia
Mongolia Nomadic by Nature
Myanmar Let the Journey Begin
Nepal   welcomenepal Once Is Not Enough
Oman   omantourism Beauty Has an Address
Philippines   experienceph It’s More Fun in the Philippines
Qatar   visitqatar Discover a Unique Destination
Saudi Arabia   sauditourism Experience to Discover
South Korea   visitkorea Imagine Your Korea
Sri Lanka Wonder of Asia
Syria   n/a Always Beautiful
Taiwan The Heart of Asia
Tajikistan   visittajikistan Feel the Friendship
Thailand   tourismthailand Amazing Thailand
United Arab Emirates Sharjah: My Destination
Ajman: Sincerely Emirati
Ra’s al-Khaimah: Beyond a Journey
AD: Home of Exceptional Experiences
Uzbekistan   n/a Symbol of the Magic East
Vietnam   vietnamtourism Timeless Charm
Yemen   yementourism none

National Brand Colors and Tourism Slogans in Europe

Country Color Official Website Tourism Slogan
Albania Go Your Own Way
Austria Arrive and Revive
Belarus none
Belgium Wallonia: Feel Inspired
Flanders: State of the Art
Bosnia and Herzegovina The Heart-shaped Land
Bulgaria   bulgariatravel none
Croatia Full of Life
Cyprus   visitcyprus In Your Heart
Czech Republic   czechtourism Land of Stories
Denmark   visitdenmark none
Estonia   visitestonia none
Finland   visitfinland I Wish I Was in Finland
France Rendez-vous en France
Germany Simply Inspiring
Greece   visitgreece All Time Classic
Greenland Be a Pioneer
Hungary   gotohungary Time for Hungary
Iceland   visiticeland Inspired by Iceland
Ireland   tourismireland none
Italy none
Latvia Best Enjoyed Slowly
Lithuania Real Is Beautiful
Luxembourg   visitluxembourg Live Your Unexpected Luxembourg
Macedonia   mk-timeless Macedonia Timeless
Moldova   moldovaholiday Discover the Routes of Life
Montenegro Wild Beauty
Netherlands The Original Cool
Northern Cyprus   welcometotrnc none
Norway   visitnorway Powered by Nature
Poland Move Your Imagination
Portugal   visitportugal The Beauty of Simplicity
Romania Explore the Carpathian Garden
Russia none
Serbia One Journey, Million Impressions
Slovakia Travel in Slovakia Good Idea
Slovenia I Feel Slovenia
Spain none
Sweden   visitsweden none
Switzerland   myswitzerland Get Natural
Turkey   tourismturkey Be Our Guest
Ukraine It’s All About U
United Kingdom   visitbritain Home of Amazing Moments

National Brand Colors and Tourism Slogans in Oceania

Country Color Official Website Tourism Slogan
Australia   tourism.australia There’s Nothing Like Australia
Fiji Where Happiness Finds You
New Caledonia Pacific Heart
New Zealand 100% Pure New Zealand
Papua New Guinea   papuanewguinea A Million Different Journeys
Solomon Islands   visitsolomons Seek the Unexplored
Vanuatu   vanuatutravel Discover What Matters

Note: among the countries that don’t appear on the map are Andorra, Bahrain, Barbados, Bermuda, Cape Verde, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Malta, Martinique, Mauritius, Monaco, Samoa, Seychelles, Singapore, and Tibet.

Updated, February 27, 2017

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