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A website is a living, growing thing. In our case, most of the new content comes from Sidenotes (quick facts + thoughts), the blog (longer, structured posts), and (re)Wandering (occasional city walks). Here are the latest ten.

What's New on the Site

Virtual Weekend Escapes: Across the Brooklyn Bridge

American filmmaker Bill Morrison, known for the award-winning Dawson City: Frozen Time, is a keen visual archaeologist and time traveler. In this 2005 short film commissioned by the Museum of… Read More

Virtual Weekend Escapes: Quick Tour of the Moon in 4K

If you have 5 spare minutes, NASA can fly you to the Moon with unprecedented realism thanks to data gathered by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft over the course of the last 6 years… Read More

Berlin Trails: Free Street Art Along the Way

Some call it poor but sexy. Berlin is a rough and faded canvas that attracts street artists from all over the world. Incorporated in new urban projects to increase the value of the buildings… Read More

(re)Wandering in Berlin: Humboldt-Siemens

You look at the map and say: "let's connect the father of ecology with that of the electric elevator". Today, only a pleasant lakefront, six giant murals, the remains of a magnificent forest, and the runways… Read More

(re)Wandering in Berlin: Street Art Masters #1

It is as if the most spectacular street art in Berlin was generated by a powerful explosion from Urban Nation, the "impossible museum" where our trail ends. The works of Shepard Fairey, Jadore Tong… Read More

(re)Wandering in Berlin: Sense the Distance

From the melting pot of Karl-Marx-Straße to the neo-baroque park that used to be a gravel pit. What will stay with us? The boundless spaces of a disused airport, the war cemetery with adjoining mosque… Read More

(re)Wandering in Berlin: Off the Wall Trail

Urban decadence sprouts from both sides of the wall (that wall!) and might take on the appearance of wicked clubs, alternative cultural projects, "niche" creative labs, obscure installations… Read More

World’s Best Hikes: Spring Hiking Trails

Short and fragile, spring can reserve some surprises from a climatic point of view, but how to resist the call of nature that from March through May is coming back to life again… Read More

From the Republic of Catalonia to the State of Catatonia

Remember Catalonia, the land of yellow ribbons? The long-coveted Republic has turned into a “State of Catatonia” and continues to be ruled by an avatar in Madrid. The politicians who… Read More

Womanscape: Putting Equality on the Map

The new breed of feminism spot some light on key issues such as sexual violence and gender discrimination in the workplace. On the other hand, the complex coexistence of male… Read More

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